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Woman Sues Casino That Offered Her A Steak Instead Of $43 Million

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The slot machine at the Resorts World allegedly offered the major payout because of a glitch.

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18 Responses to “Woman Sues Casino That Offered Her A Steak Instead Of $43 Million”

  • Grade-A says:


  • Miguel Lugo says:

    there is no case, it's a slot machine with a maximum payout of 6,500 dollars, it was clearly a glitch. just a hoodrat looking for some money

  • Kalu Abay says:

    if she had lost , it wouldn't have been called a glitch. dumbass casino owners pay that woman her money. y'all lost she won do what's right

  • andakin says:

    This was likely a low stake machine that costs 1 cent per line. The max payout on this particular machine was $6500. How is she claiming $43M?

  • Pikachu #FuckingTheseWhiteGirls #Booty Butt Cheeks says:

    Unless the bitch is Jewish and she knows some people, she isn't even getting 500k

  • Chicken Permission says:

    This lady sorta looks like the dude from how high that haunted his friends after they smiled his ashes

  • chito Im says:

    the slot machine is racist only in america

  • Walter Bonilla says:

    the casinos tell you how much those machines pay. slot machines do not offer that much money.

  • Rudy Figueroa says:

    The machines are never glitches when your losing tho right? Fucking bitches

  • novakid89 says:

    Wont be surprised if the casino doesn't have that much money anyways smh

  • Sinister K.I.D. America says:

    if a jury gets to decide, they're gonna rape this casino

  • Sinister K.I.D. America says:

    pay that bitch, damn scum bag casino

  • I'm right you're wrong says:

    they offered a contract, that they breached.

  • Struggle Gaming says:

    She's gonna get it all.

  • michael robles says:

    don't pay her shiiieeet

  • Eric Staton says:

    I also hope she sues them for lawyers fees and emotional distress.

  • superdudeguy2L says:

    hope she gets her money

  • theylied1776 says:

    This is why places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City holds Zero interest for me. The odds of winning are stacked against you and they celebrate the fact The House Always Wins. And if you win big there's a possibility they can ban you from ever gambling there again?

    This is bullshit, they should just pay her the money and leave it at that.