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Hello guys and gals, it’s me Mutahar! This time we bust down an underground and save the day yet again… after a few tries of course! Thanks for watching!
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Rating: 4.92, Duration: 16:5 , Author: SomeOrdinaryGamers, Likes: 925, Dislikes: 15, source

20 Responses to “SWATTING A CASINO!”

  • Skelldoom says:

    Dude, SWAT 4 is your new thing, please don't stop playing games like this. You legit crack me up in this one in specific. XD

  • TheReck says:

    Man I love this game

  • Buff_Blitz_PLZ 99 says:

    OMFG the fucking L.a.p.d. joke me cry from laughing so hard! 😂😂😂

  • Captainbats55 says:

    Outro music: Paul Sherman and Lukas Netzl- Analog Boy

  • ninjadude183 says:

    Jackson is the biggest troll.

  • Dan Won says:

    14:07 No chill whatsoever. XD

  • Stabber Dragon says:

    damn u lost subs ;(

  • iitsLucky says:

    anyone wanna play some s4 servers??

  • Lord Gulok says:

    Please do more!

  • moist me up papi jeff says:

    W E D G E T H E D O O R S !

  • Kawsar Hussain says:

    Is it gren dolan

  • kyuuga says:

    He whispered in my ear, UR UN MY POSITION SIR

  • Solid Sapphire says:

    You're in my spot, sir.

  • Michael Avila says:

    Jackson is the only reason why I watch

  • CueMarkInTheCorner says:

    WOW! this video is monitarized!

  • sansoneskelebro :0 says:


  • Joel Wellman says:

    what game is this?

  • Mc Hitler says:

    Don't get political but the holocaust is a lie

  • Jet 27 says:

    Jackson was the only one injured in the end. Serves him right. He'll have bigger issues than his "position" for once.

  • Shuck A Cuck says:

    "That went a million to a hundred right there."